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PainQuench is our prime pain-relieving product. Volunteers with a large variety of medically diagnosed conditions who apply PainQuench have reported it to be very effective at reducing pain within minutes, with relief that lasts for 5 to 12 hours. Repeated applications of PainQuench were reported as producing identical pain relief. Some volunteers who suffered from chronic pain reported that over a long period of time the duration of pain relief increased significantly.


PainQuench has no offensive odor, and will not stain clothes. No one will know you have applied PainQuench – even in swimwear or in that small elevator.


Upon application, it creates a pleasant sensation, with no oily or gritty feel to be found.


Contains 280mg of phytocannabinoids


For use with pain or skin conditions. External use only. Do not apply to open wounds. Avoid eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.


See our Science of CBD page for information and studies on the benefits of CBD on various health condidtions.


Ingredients: Water, petrolatum [petrolium jelly], lanolin alcohol [an animal derived moisturizer], ceresin [a mineral wax for thickening], mineral oil [moisturizer], cannabidiol [our hemp extracted CBD oil], phenoxyethanol [a preservative to extend shelf life], piroctone olamine [an anti-fungal cream].

Extra Strength 2 Ounce

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