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Indicaid, a life sciences company, creates effective and natural products from all natural Hemp grown in the USA by American farmers in compliance with the 2018 Federal Farm Bill and under the oversight of the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Indicaid’s research and development has created products that improve quality of life with natural, additive free, and non addictive ingredients.  

Indicaid manufactures a broad array of products, including topical creams and tinctures, containing the phytocannabinoids of industrial hemp.


PainQuench™ Extra Strength is our premium product, a soothing, pain-relieving cream that is applied to the skin, just like sunscreen.  After application of PainQuench™, volunteers in our pilot study reported that their pain relief lasted 5-12 hours and that they had none of the mental fogginess associated with opioid use.  Reapplication over several months of trials has produced the same repeatable relief.

Elizabeth, Broken Toe

“ I couldn’t sleep due to the pain, the doctor’s prescription pain reliever didn’t work ….. 30 minutes after applying Indicaid, I was asleep.”

Lucy V, Sports Strain

"..All my athletic life I've always learned 'no pain no gain' and I expect to have two or three days of soreness from starting to work out...because that's normal for me. Are you telling me that I can cheat this decades old mantra?"

Mark T, Back Pain

"PainQuench™ Extra Strength is the best thing that I have ever found for my hip / back issues.  You did not exaggerate at all when you described the effectiveness of this material."

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